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Feeling so numb

I can’t take it anymore, I had become numb from all this!
I had become another thing in your world, nothing else.
I can be there to give you love but all I get is a brush and I’m fine.
Why is loving you so damn painful! Why I can’t seem to understand you,
Do you even care? I can be nude in front of you and you just ignore me, is it excuse I’m not enough or because you miss that muse f yours? Or because you prefer someone like you?
Tell me now so I can’t stop feeling numb, so I can stop feeling broken!

I see you there talking to her,
I see that you seem to enjoy your life with her,
I see that you prefer to pretend you are someone else while talking to her,
I try not to look, I try to pretend I don’t seem bother by it, I try to just forget that I’m just a friend, but is hard to let go of this feeling while I’m still with you. I k now what you are doing in there is to pretend to disconnect from reality, and be someone else but it’s killing me seen you there 24/7.

You say you love me, you say you care, but what you do to me makes me feel you really don’t care. You keep on talking about that “muse” of yours meaning your ex, I guess you never got over her. What can I do? I’m not at the level she is, I’m not an artist like you and her. I want to try, I want you to love me and accept me.

I don’t understand why you say you don’t know what you want, when you are already dating me… I don’t understand? Am I not the “muse”  you were looking for? Am I just a piece of meat for you to fuck around? What Am I to you? I’m broken, I’m dying, I can’t seem to move, i’m fading, Please, wake up!